I'm a fifth-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Peking University. My research centers on semantics, pragmatics, and their interfaces. I am currently working on the meaning and structure of biased polar questions in Chinese, and I'm also interested in polarity items and negatives cross-linguistically.

Please contact me at shumianye at gmail dot com.


  • The semantics of response particles in Mandarin Chinese

December 2020. The 21st Symposium on the Grammar of Mandarin Chinese, Peking University.

  • Negated disjunctions in Mandarin revisited

December 2020. Second Tsinghua Interdisciplinary Workshop on Logic, Language, and Meaning, Tsinghua University.

  • From maximality to bias: Biased A-not-A questions in Mandarin

Forthcoming. Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory 30.